Hola a todos eh estado buscando mucho tiempo por internet la configuracion para el plugin towny, alparecer en ningun lado tienen el archivo english.yml en español.
creo serial un muy buen aporte para todo el foro si logramos hacer una configuracion de towny en español y dejarla disponible para todos.

el archivo original lo dejo acontinuacion recordemos que el server no asepta caracteres especiales como -ñ-comas-y demas.....
este sitio puede ayudar Online YAML Parser
Si alguien lo tiene ya en español selo agradeceria mucho si me lo pasa.

name: Towny
version: 0.14
language: english
author: ElgarL
website: 'http://code.google.com/a/eclipselabs.org/p/towny/'
description: >
Language file for all game messages. Do not alter this file.
If you wish to change any of the entries, make a copy named something else.
Alternate language files can be enabled by altering the
[language] entry in config.yml

# You MUST retain spacing in the texts.
# If a text begins or ends with a space, it must remain that way.
# %s = data to be supplied by the plugin.

# Text colouring
# --------------
# Black = &0, Navy = &1, Green = &2, Blue = &3, Red = &4
# Purple = &5, Gold = &6, LightGray = &7, Gray = &8
# DarkPurple = &9, LightGreen = &a, LightBlue = &b
# Rose = &c, LightPurple = &d, Yellow = &e, White = &f

default_towny_prefix: '&6[Towny] &b'

unclaimed_plot_name: 'Unowned'
unclaimed_zone_name: 'Wilderness'

# |help messages | #

help_0: 'General Towny Help'
help_1: 'Try the following commands to learn more about towny.'
help_2: 'Town Chat'
help_3: 'Nation Chat'

town_help_1: 'Your town''s status'
town_help_2: '[mayor]'
town_help_3: 'Selected town''s status'
town_help_4: 'Shortcut to the town''s status of your location.'
town_help_5: 'Teleport to town''s spawn.'
town_help_6: 'New town with you as mayor.'
town_help_7: 'New town with target mayor.'
town_help_8: 'List commands for mayors.'
town_help_9: 'Today''s the day!'
town_help_10: 'List all online residents in town'

mayor_help_3: 'Claim area not attached to town'
mayor_help_4: 'Claim around you to a radius of X'
mayor_help_5: 'Claim to the maximum radius'
mayor_help_6: 'Unclaim this town block'
mayor_help_7: 'Attempt to unclaim around you.'
mayor_help_8: 'Attempt to unclaim all townblocks.'

nation_help_1: 'Your nation''s status'
nation_help_2: '[nation]'
nation_help_3: 'Target nation''s status'
nation_help_4: 'List all nations'
nation_help_5: 'Leave your nation'
nation_help_6: 'Create a new nation'
nation_help_7: 'List the king commands'
nation_help_8: 'Create a new nation'
nation_help_9: 'List all online residents in nation'

king_help_1: 'Nation King Help'
king_help_2: 'Set your alliance.'
king_help_3: 'Set your enemies.'

res_1: 'Your status'
res_2: '[resident]'
res_3: 'Target player''s status'
res_4: 'List all active players'
res_5: 'for help'
res_6: 'Online match'
res_7: 'Exact name'

mode_1: 'Show the map between each townblock'
mode_2: 'Attempt to claim as you walk'
mode_3: 'Attempt to unclaim as you walk'
mode_4: 'Default chat to town channel'
mode_5: 'Default chat to nation channel'
mode_6: 'Can place %s in enemy borders to make warzones.'

plot_perms: 'Use %s instead of %s for plot permissions.'
plot_perms_1: 'Resident plots don''t make use of outsider permissions.'

res_list: 'Residents'
res_sing: 'Resident'
mayor_sing: 'Mayor'
admin_sing: 'Admin'
nation_sing: 'Nation'
nation_plu: 'Nations'
king_sing: 'King'
town_plu: 'Towns'
world_plu: 'Worlds'
world_sing: 'World'

world_help_1: 'Current world''s status'
world_help_2: '[world]'
world_help_3: 'Target worlds''s status'
world_help_4: 'List all worlds'

townyadmin_help_1: 'Unclaim this town block'
townyadmin_help_2: 'Attempt to unclaim around you.'

ta_panel_1: 'Towny Admin Panel'
ta_panel_2: 'WarTime: '
ta_panel_3: 'Health Regen: '
ta_panel_4: 'World Mob Removal: '
ta_panel_4_1: 'Town Mob Removal: '
ta_panel_5: 'Daily Timer: '
ta_panel_6: 'Economy: '
ta_panel_7: 'Bank Accounts: '
ta_panel_8: 'Server'
ta_panel_9: 'Memory: '
ta_panel_10: 'Threads: '
ta_panel_11: 'Time: '

admin_panel_1: 'Admin panel'
admin_panel_2: 'reload Towny'
admin_panel_3: 'Run the new day code'

msg_block_claim: 'Claim this town block'
msg_plot_nfs: 'Take down a plot for sale'
msg_nfs_abr: '&e''fs'' and ''nfs'' are accepted abbreviations for ''forsale'' and ''notforsale''.'
msg_plot_fs: 'Put this area up for auction.'

################################################## ##########
# +------------------------------------------------------+ #
# | Messages | #

msg_buy: '&bBought %d %s for %s.'
msg_buy_resident_plot: '&b%s bought %s''s plot for %s!'
msg_couldnt_pay_taxes: '&b%s couldn''t pay taxes and was kicked from the %s.'
msg_couldnt_pay_plot_taxes: '&b%s couldn''t pay taxes and lost ownership of a plot.'
msg_payed_town_tax: '&bPayed town tax of '
msg_payed_plot_cost: '&bPayed %s for %s plots in %s'
msg_payed_resident_tax: '&bPayed resident tax of '
msg_bankrupt_town: ' couldn''t afford to remain a town.'
msg_bankrupt_nation: ' couldn''t afford to remain a nation.'
msg_nation_not_neutral: '&bNation couldn''t afford it''s neutral state.'
msg_nation_cant_neutral: '&bNation couldn''t afford to become a neutral nation.'
msg_neutral_disabled: '&bNation neutrality is disabled globally.'
msg_you_paid: '&bYou paid %s to set neutral status.'
msg_nation_set_neutral: '&bSuccessfully changed nation''s neutrality.'
msg_nation_allow_neutral: '&bNation permissions to remain neutral are now: %s'
msg_mobremoval_world: '&bBlocking world mob spawns: %s'
msg_mobremoval_town: '&bPermit blocking town mob spawns: %s'
msg_nation_neutral: '&bYour nation is now'
msg_tax_exempt: '&bTown staff are exempt from taxes.'
msg_del_nation: '&bThe nation %s was disbanded!'
msg_del_resident: '&b%s lost all his Towny data!'
msg_del_town: '&bThe town of %s fell into ruin!'
msg_join_nation: '&bThe town of %s joined the nation!'
msg_join_town: '&b%s joined the town!'
msg_friend_add: '&b%s added you as a friend.'
msg_friend_remove: '&b%s removed you as a friend.'
msg_removed: '&bRemoved '
msg_from_list: 'from your friend list.'
msg_to_list: 'to your friend list.'
msg_left_town: '&b%s left town'
msg_you_left: '&bYou left %s.'
msg_not_mayor: '&bYou are not the mayor.'
msg_not_king: '&bYou are not the king.'
msg_not_mayor_ass: '&bYou are not the mayor or an assistant.'
msg_not_king_ass: '&bYou are not the king or an assistant.'
msg_own_nation_disallow: '&bYou can not do this to your own nation.'
msg_no_perms_claim: '&bYou do not have permission to expand your town.'
msg_outpost_disable: '&bOutposts are not available.'
msg_kicked_by: '&bYou were kicked from town by %s.'
msg_kicked: '&b%s kicked %s from town.'
msg_nation_kicked_by: '&bYour town was kicked from the nation by %s.'
msg_town_left_nation: '&bYour town left the nation of %s.'
msg_nation_town_left: '&bThe town of %s left your nation.'
msg_nation_kicked: '&b%s kicked %s from the nation.'
msg_raised_ass: '&b%s raised %s to %s assistants.'
msg_lowered_to_res_by: '&bYou were demoted to a regular resident by %s.'
msg_lowered_to_res: '&b%s demoted %s to regular resident.'
msg_invalid_name: '&bNone of those names were valid.'
msg_invited_join_town: '&b%s invited %s to town.'
msg_invited_join_nation: '&b%s invited %s to the nation.'
msg_deny_invite: '&b%s denied your invite.'
msg_invited: '&bYou''ve been invited to join %s.'
msg_town_online: 'Online in Town'
msg_nation_online: 'Online in Nation'

msg_allied_nations: '&b%s allied with the nations %s.'
msg_broke_alliance: '&b%s broke their alliance with the nations %s.'
msg_enemy_nations: '&b%s developed a hatred for the nations %s.'
msg_enemy_to_neutral: '&b%s has changed it''s status to neutral towards %s.'
msg_added_ally: '&b%s allied with your nation.'
msg_removed_ally: '&b%s canceled the alliance with your nation.'
msg_added_enemy: '&b%s has developed a hatred towards your nation.'
msg_removed_enemy: '&b%s has become peaceful towards your nation.'

msg_claimed: '&2Successfully claimed'
msg_unclaimed: '&2Successfully unclaimed'
msg_not_claimable: '&cThis world is not claimable.'
msg_abandoned_area: '&bAbandoned area %s'
msg_admin_unclaim_area: '&cForcefully unclaimed area %s'
msg_abandoned_area_1: '&bYour town abandoned the area'
msg_no_money_purchase_plot: '&cYou don''t have enough money to purchase this plot.'
msg_town_no_money_purchase_plot: '&cThe town doesn''t have enough money to purchase back this plot.'
msg_no_funds_new_town: '&c%s can''t afford to settle a new town here.'
msg_no_funds_claim: '&cTown cannot afford to claim %s town blocks costing %s. Add more money into the town bank.'
msg_no_funds_to_buy: '&cTown cannot afford to buy %s %s costing %s. Add more money into the town bank.'
msg_annexed_area: '&2Annexed area %s'
msg_max_plot_own: '&cYou cannot own more than %s plots.'
msg_no_funds_new_nation: '&cThe town can''t afford to start a new nation.'
msg_already_claimed: '&cThis area has already been claimed by: %s'
msg_already_claimed_1: '&cThis area (%s) already belongs to someone.'
msg_already_claimed_2: '&cThis area has already been claimed.'
msg_too_close: '&cThis area is too close to another town.'
msg_too_far: '&cThis area is too far away from the other towns.'
msg_not_claimed: '&bThis area (%s) hasn''t been claimed.'
msg_not_claimed_1: '&bThis area had not been claimed.'
msg_not_own_area: '&cYou do not own the selected area.'
msg_not_own_place: '&bThis place is not owned by anyone.'
msg_area_not_own: '&cThis area does not belong to you.'
msg_area_not_recog: '&cThis area isn''t recognized by Towny.'
msg_specify_name: '&bSpecify town name'
msg_specify_nation_name: '&bSpecify nation name'
msg_peasant_right: '&bA peasant hasn''t the right to force his leaders into the throne.'
msg_cost_spawn: '&bYou were charged %s to teleport to the town''s spawn.'
msg_cost_spawn_refund: '&bYou were refunded the charge for using town spawn.'
msg_town_spawn_warmup: '&bWaiting to teleport...'
msg_town_rename_disabled: '&bTown Renaming Disabled'
msg_town_set_name: '&b%s renamed town to %s.'
msg_nation_set_name: '&b%s renamed nation to %s.'

msg_changed_pvp: '&c%s PVP has been %s.'
msg_changed_public: '&cThe Town''s public status is now %s.'
msg_changed_expl: '&cExplosions in %s are now %s.'
msg_changed_fire: '&cFirespread in %s is now %s.'
msg_changed_mobs: '&cMonster spawns in %s are now %s.'
msg_changed_taxpercent: '&cPercentage based taxes are now %s.'

msg_changed_world_setting: '&c%s for %s is: %s.'

msg_world_pvp: '&cThis world is PvP only.'
msg_world_mobs: '&cThis world has Monster spawns forced on.'
msg_world_expl: '&cThis world has Explosions forced on.'
msg_world_fire: '&cThis world has Fire spread forced on.'

msg_plot_pvp: '&cPVP can not be toggled in an Arena Plot.'

msg_reloaded: '&2Towny''s settings were reloaded.'
msg_give_total: '&bGave %s bonus. (Total: %s)'
mag_backup_success: '&2Backup successful.'
msg_xx_withdrew_xx: '&b%s withdrew %s from the %s bank.'
msg_xx_deposited_xx: '&b%s deposited %s into the %s bank.'
msg_insuf_funds: '&cYou don''t have that much.'
msg_err_withdraw_disabled: 'Withdrawing from this bank is disabled!'
msg_err_deposit_capped: 'Unable to desposit money. This bank is capped at %s.'

msg_set_town_home: '&bSuccessfully changed town''s home block to %s'
msg_set_town_spawn: '&bSuccessfully changed town''s spawn.'
msg_set_title: '&b%s was granted the title of ''%s''.'
msg_set_surname: '&b%s was granted the surname of ''%s''.'
msg_clear_title_surname: '&bThe %s for ''%s'' was cleared.'

msg_clear_plot_material: '&bThe plot was cleared of all %s''s.'

msg_set_perms: '&bSuccessfully changed permissions to:'
msg_set_claim: '&bSuccessfully changed %s''s claimability to %s'
msg_set_perms_reset: '&bSuccessfully reset permissions on all %s plots.'

msg_usedefault: '&bThis world (%s) is now using the global default settings.'
msg_set_wild_perms: '&bSuccessfully changed %s''s wild permissions %s'
msg_set_wild_ignore: '&bSuccessfully changed %s''s wild ignore blocks to %s'
msg_set_wild_name: '&bSuccessfully changed %s''s wild name to %s'
msg_set_use_towny_on: '&bThis world now follows towny rules.'
msg_set_use_towny_off: '&cThis world is exempt of all towny interactions.'

msg_error_must_be_int: '&bAmount must be an integer.'
msg_error_must_be_num: '&bAmount must be a number.'
msg_must_specify_amnt: '&bMust specify amount. Eg: %s 54'
msg_town_set_tax: '&b%s has set the daily resident tax at %s'
msg_town_set_plottax: '&b%s has set the daily tax of plots at %s'
msg_town_set_plotprice: '&b%s has set the price of plots at %s'
msg_town_set_alttax: '&b%s has set the daily tax of %s plots at %s'
msg_town_set_altprice: '&b%s has set the price of %s plots at %s'
msg_town_set_nation_tax: '&b%s has set the nation tax at %s'

msg_set_nation_tag: '&b%s has set the nation tag to [%s]'
msg_set_town_tag: '&b%s has set the town tag to [%s]'
msg_reset_nation_tag: '&b%s has cleared the nation tag.'
msg_reset_town_tag: '&b%s has cleared the town tag.'

msg_mayor_abandon: '&bYou would abandon your people? Choose another mayor with ''/town set mayor'' if your sure.'
msg_new_day_tax: '&bA new day is here! Taxes and rent have been collected'
msg_new_day: '&bA new day is here!'
msg_new_king: '&b%s is now the king of %s!'
msg_err_new_king_notmayor: '&cNew King is not a mayor.'
msg_err_king_not_in_nation: '&cNew King doesn''t belong to this nation.'
msg_err_fight_like_king: '&cNeutrality is not an option! Fight like a King!'
msg_no_access_nation_bank: '&cYou don''t have access to the nation''s bank.'
msg_err_no_money: '&cThere is not enough money in the bank.'
msg_new_mayor: '&b%s is now the mayor!'
msg_new_nation: '&b%s created a new nation called %s'
msg_new_town: '&b%s created a new town called %s'
msg_plot_for_sale: '&b%s put the plot (%s) up for sale!'
msg_plot_set_type: '&bPlot type set to %s'
msg_registration: '&eWelcome %s to the server!'
msg_war_eliminated: '&6[War]&b %s was eliminated from the war.'
msg_war_forfeited: '&6[War]&b %s forfeited.'
msg_war_join: '&6[War] &b%s joined the fight!'
msg_war_join_forced: '&6[War]&b The nation of %s has been forced into war due to global settings!'
msg_war_join_nation: '&6[War]&b The nation of %s has joined the war!'
msg_war_lose_block: '&6[War]&b (%s) belonging to %s has fallen.'
msg_war_score: '&6[War]&b %s scored %d points!'
msg_war_cannot_do: '&cYou cannot do this when the world is at war.'
msg_war_started: '&eStarted the war countdown.'
msg_war_ended: '&eEnded the current war.'

msg_enemy_war_area_under_attack: '&6[War]&b %s (%s) is under attack by %s!'
msg_enemy_war_area_won: '&6[War]&b %s (%s) won (%s)!'
msg_enemy_war_area_defended: '&6[War]&b %s defended (%s)!'
msg_err_enemy_war_must_be_placed_above_ground: '&6[War]&c Must place flag above ground.'
msg_err_enemy_war_not_part_of_nation: '&6[War]&c This area doesn''t belong to a nation.'
msg_err_enemy_war_is_neutral: '&6[War]&c %s is neutral.'
msg_err_enemy_war_require_online: '&6[War]&c Require at least %d people online in %s to attack.'
msg_err_enemy_war_not_on_edge_of_town: '&6[War]&c Only allowed to attack the borders of a town.'
msg_err_enemy_war_cell_already_under_attack: '&6[War]&c This area is already under attack by %s.'
msg_err_enemy_war_reached_max_active_flags: '&6[War]&c You can''t attack more than %d areas at once.'

msg_cache_block_error: '&cYou have not been registered with Towny. Try relogging.'
msg_cache_block_error_wild: '&cNot allowed to %s in the wild.'
msg_cache_block_error_plot: '&cOwner doesn''t allow %s to %s here.'
msg_cache_block_error_town_resident: '&cResidents aren''t allowed to %s here.'
msg_cache_block_error_town_allies: '&cAllies aren''t allowed to %s.'
msg_cache_block_error_town_outsider: '&cOutsiders aren''t allowed to %s.'

msg_err_cant_afford_tp_town: '&cCannot afford to teleport to %s.'
msg_err_not_public: '&cThat town is not public.'
msg_err_town_spawn_forbidden: '&cTown spawn travel is forbidden.'
msg_err_town_spawn_nation_forbidden: '&cTown spawn travel to other towns in your nation is forbidden.'
msg_err_town_spawn_ally_forbidden: '&cTown spawn travel to towns allied with your nation is forbidden.'
msg_err_public_spawn_forbidden: '&cPublic spawn travel to other towns is forbidden.'
msg_err_public_spawn_enemy: '&cPublic spawn travel is forbidden for enemies.'
msg_err_town_spawn_disallowed_from: '&cTown spawn is not allowed from %s.'

msg_err_cant_afford_tp: '&bCannot afford to teleport to your town''s spawn.'
msg_err_plot_nfs: '&cThis plot is not for sale.'
msg_err_not_part_town: '&cSelected area is not part of your town.'
msg_err_not_attached_edge: '&cSelected area not attached to edge.'
msg_err_empty_area_selection: '&cSelected area contains no valid plots.'
msg_err_not_enough_blocks: '&cNot enough available town blocks to claim this selection.'
msg_err_cant_afford_blocks: '&cTown cannot afford to claim %s town blocks costing %s'
msg_err_not_in_town_claim: '&cYou must belong to a town in order to claim plots.'
msg_err_must_belong_town: '&cYou must belong to a town.'
msg_err_dont_belong_town: '&cYou don''t belong to a town.'
msg_err_dont_belong_nation: '&bYou don''t belong to a nation.'
msg_err_not_same_nation: '&b%s doesn''t belong to your nation.'
msg_err_rect_auto: '&cOnly towns and residents can use auto.'
msg_err_invalid_radius: '&cInvalid radius. Use an integer or ''auto''.'
msg_err_not_configured: '&cThis world has not been configured by Towny.'
msg_err_updating_item_perms: '&cError updating item use permissions cache.'
msg_err_updating_switch_perms: '&cError updating switch permissions cache.'
msg_err_updating_destroy_perms: '&cError updating destroy permissions cache.'
msg_err_updating_build_perms: '&cError updating build permissions cache.'
msg_err_admin_only: '&cOnly an admin can use this command.'
msg_err_admin_only_delete: '&cOnly an admin can delete other resident data.'
msg_err_admin_only_delete_town: '&cOnly an admin can delete other town data.'
msg_err_admin_only_delete_nation: '&cOnly an admin can delete other nation data.'
msg_err_online_or_npc: '&c%s is Online or is an NPC.'
msg_err_not_registered: '&cYou are not registered'
msg_err_not_registered_1: '&c%s is not registered'
msg_err_invalid_name: '&c%s is an invalid name.'
msg_err_already_res: '&c%s already belongs to a town.'
msg_err_already_nation: '&cTarget town already belongs to a nation.'
msg_err_invalid_property: '&cInvalid ''%s'' property.'
msg_err_not_supported: '&cNot yet supported.'
msg_err_invalid_input: '&cInvalid input. Use %s'
msg_err_negative: '&cInput cannot be negative.'
msg_err_input_too_long: '&cInput too long.'
msg_err_invalid_choice: '&cInvalid choice'
msg_err_invalid_sub: '&cInvalid sub command.'
msg_err_command_disable: '&cCommand disabled: Using permissions.'
msg_err_universe_limit: '&cThe universe cannot hold any more towns.'
msg_err_too_many_npc: '&cToo many npc''s registered.'
msg_err_negative_money: '&cNegative money is stupid. Weirdo.'
msg_err_not_percentage: '&cPercentages must be below 100.'
msg_err_no_economy: '&cEconomy has not been turned on.'
msg_err_not_block_type: '&cThat is not a valid plot type!'
msg_not_allowed_join: '&c%s is not permitted to join a town.'
msg_offline_no_join: '&c%s is offline but using permissions so can''t join a town.'
msg_err_warzone_cannot_edit_material: '&cCannot %s %s in warzone.'
msg_err_warzone_cannot_use_switches: '&cCannot use switches in warzone.'
msg_err_warzone_cannot_use_item: '&cCannot use this item in a warzones.'