Beta 1.6.5

Bueno, Minecraft Beta 1.6.5 ya ha salido :smiley:

Lo pongo en general porque no es una gran noticia xDD

Creo que solo tiene más arreglos con lo del CPU

Archreg, por el amor a dios, podrías poner siquiera los cambios que hay en el patch? xD

[ul][li]Advanced OpenGL re-added.[/:m:2wcoglfc][/li]> [li]Framerate cap can now be changed, with toggles of 40 FPS, 90 FPS and 200 FPS.[/:m:2wcoglfc][/li]> [li]Improvements for slow and old computers.[/:m:2wcoglfc][/ul][/li]
Bug Fixes:
[ul][li]Dropped equipment no longer breaks on the first use.[/
:m:2wcoglfc][/li]> [li]Objects will now be pushed out if they are within a block.[/:m:2wcoglfc][/li]> [li]Lighting acts normal again when placing/removing torches.[/:m:2wcoglfc][/li]> [li]The game no longer crashes when shift-clicking to put items in a chest that is already full and vice versa.[/:m:2wcoglfc][/li]> [li]Fixed CPU issue on multiplayer.[/:m:2wcoglfc][/ul][/li]
New Bugs:
[ul][li]In SMP, the sleeping animation is not played when trying to sleep in a bed. Instead, the player may walk around freely until all players are sleeping. Trying to right-click the bed again will give you “The bed is occupied” message. (old bug)[/:m:2wcoglfc][/li]> [li]Framerate limit can not be removed, but setting Framerate limit at 90 or 200 FPS allows FPS to exceed this.[1][/:m:2wcoglfc][/li]> [li]Setting Framerate Limit to 40 FPS may increase CPU usage on some computers.[2][/:m:2wcoglfc][/li]> [li]Holding a map in a boat can cause the left arm to be too high.[3][/:m:2wcoglfc][/li]> [li]It is no longer possible to use up all crafting materials at once by shift-clicking.[/:m:2wcoglfc][/li]> [li]Some chunks still don’t recieve proper lighting updates when switching from day -> night and vice versa.[/:m:2wcoglfc][/li]> [li]In initial versions, the version number was no longer shown. The one with the version number was re-uploaded within few minutes, but only in menu.[/:m:2wcoglfc][/li]> [li]After you teleport to the nether, you will experience the swirl screen as if you were heading back as soon as you arrived. This won’t teleport you though, but the animation won’t stop until you move.[/:m:2wcoglfc][/li]> [li]Sometimes when trying to lie down on the bed, it fails and removes one half of the heart in MP.[/:m:2wcoglfc][/li]> [li]Shadows sometimes do not update.[/:m:2wcoglfc][/li]> [li]Looking backwards whilst travelling in a minecart causes it to flash rapidly.[/:m:2wcoglfc][/li]> [li]Sometimes blocks and items respawn in SMP, but you don’t get anything from them anymore, you get lots of lag on reconnect.[/:m:2wcoglfc][/li]> [li]Difficulty reverts to “Easy” when you load a save, at least when you had it previously on “Peaceful.”[/:m:2wcoglfc][/li]> [li]Dogs get hit while standing on furnaces and can’t move while on them.[/:m:2wcoglfc][/ul][/li]

Cuando creé el tema esa lista no había salido ¬¬

Pues entonces espera a que salga, y crea el tema ._.
No me parece que crees un tema sin información xD

La información es que ha salido la actualización ¬¬

Lo que digas archreg.

No se peleen, todos sabemos que bth0 tiene la razón (?)

Alguien puede traducirlo? No tengo energías para traducirlo mentalmente XD

¡Qué guay!
Reparan 5 bugs, ¡pero crean 20!
Una buena forma de asegurarse el trabajo xD

Bueno, a ver qué tal va :slight_smile:

Era lo que iba a decir XD