International Server Recruiting!

Hello! I am here to bring you some information that might interest you! It is about a new international community and we are recruiting right now! And we need a Spanish Staff!

Welcome to Ivy Community!

It will be a Multi Language Community, but the main chat language will be English. (You have your own language chat too!)
Right now we completed 1% out of 100%, and that’s why we need your help! We will start building and set up the configuration of our server as soon as possible.

About us (the guys who started this project), we are 3 Portuguese friends, middle-age and currently we are in University.
This is a project that we wanted to do for a long time, and now we are able to do it.

For the STAFF, we are looking for:

  • Builders (Passionate for building, will have all permissions to build and discuss about what you want to build)
  • Helpers (In this moment will help us with more ideas for the server)
  • Advertising (Someone that likes to do marketing work, share in Facebook/Instagram/Forums, etc)

All the Staff members will be continuing increasing Staff Level!

Reach us at: and send message to [Cm]Sunset or [Cm]BeMo